We offer an extensive menu served up by our maestro chef, ranging from Tapas, Portuguese and Spanish staples, to all day breakfasts and specialist coffee's.
Coffee-based Drinks

We offer a range of high quality espresso based coffee drinks:
Espresso- A short strong shot of coffee

Macchiatto- As with an espresso, but with either a dash of milk or foam added

Cappuccino- Equal parts espresso, milk and foam, with a little chocolate sprinkled over the top
Caffee Latte- More milk added, a milder drink

Mocha- Espresso, milk and chocolate

Americano- A shot of espresso pulled into a cup of hot water, less strong and traditionally served black, but can be accompanied by either cold or warmed milk.
Vanilla latte- Equal parts espresso, milk and shot of vanilla syrup
Caramel latte- Equal parts espresso, milk and shot of caramel syrup
Ice Coffe- In cookies and cream, mocha, caramel and plain espresso flavours. All topped with whipped cream and syrup

Other smoothies, milkshakes and fruit juices are available.

We also offer a range of freshly prepared hot and cold snacks, such as sandwiches, soups, baked potatoes. For a sweet treat, why not try something from a range of portuguese pastries? 

Why not stop by and give them a try?